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Action Men's Ministry is a gathering of committed men from different branches of Dominion Faith Int'l Missions. Men that are focused on the kingdom business. They are surnamed "Men on the Move" because of what God is doing through them.

The Lord gave a particular burden and vision concerning men to a brother named Evang. Frank Ekeocha which has led them into many victories as they face each project. God has planted into the heart of this brother on how to carry visions and dreams of the ministry to higher heights.

Action Men has proved to be active because of many accomplished projects in our ministry and missionary ventures. Our Bishop call them "Bull-Dozers." No project or financial program has ever faced them without bowing down, they humiliate problems of members like the mighty men of David and they disgrace projects as if they are nothing. They will always say "Name it and we will do it." Recently they bought a bus for the church for evangelistic outreach. May the Lord bless them more abundantly.

Action Men do not believe in "Tomorrow we will do it." They face it today to finish it tomorrow if not today. They believe in now. They say to problems, "It's either you move or we move you." Their conferences have been such a wonderful time of laughter, humor, joy; happiness, comfort and refreshments of all sort. They believe in practical love among the members. They have proved much love to their spiritual father and mother by being very close to know the area of their participation during business.

They have the attitude of making time with the Lord. From time to time they make time to "Camp before the Lord." They use their fatherhood and marriage experience to instruct and teach the newly married the way and sweetness of marriage.


Every Monday - Prayer Meeting 6pm

First Monday of the Month - Special teachings on self development and family and marriage life - 6pm

Join the Men and You will be on the move.
Long Live Dominion Faith International Missions
Long Live Papa And Mama James
Long Live Action Men

Evang. Frank Ekeocha
On behalf of Action Men