Dominion Faith International Missions

Anointed Youth Fellowship International

"Youth with a Vision"


The Youth Ministry of our Mission is really a warring one. They have proven that the glory of the youth is their strength. They give themselves always and wholeheartedly to the work of the ministry. Their programs have attracted many youth to our ministry.

Anointed Youth is led by an anointed man, Deacon Valentine Chi, who is seriously involved in the work of the ministry alongside many other youth who have received insight on their calling and are also seriously involved in work of the ministry.

The Drama and singing groups of the youth make a lot of impact in the church. Having discovered the area of their calling as youth, they do not hesitate in the work that concerns the youth, they simply say always "If not now when and if not here where in the whole world." They see themselves as people of the vision that God has given to their father Bishop Joseph James.

While the youth of the world are jumping up and down pursuing shadow, Anointed Youth are getting themselves seriously and actively involved in the "Kingdom Business."

Our youth have a program they call "Addiction." We hear drug addicts, alcohol addicts, but these youth are "Jesus Addicts." They show the word the world through "Addiction" that you can "Purpose in your Heart" never to defile yourself but rather use your youthful age to please the Lord like Daniel.

Recently they have gotten involved in football and are using it as an avenue to reach souls for Christ, playing with the various chapters of their forum from time to time. This has attracted many and is bringing many to the Kingdom of God.


A - Acquaint yourself with the Lord
D - Dedicate your youthful time for His service
D - Declare your vision to the world
I - Increase your zeal daily by studying His Word
C - Create an atmosphere each time for Creativity
T - Time is very short, run with the Vision
I - Inculcate your vision to other youth to multiply yourself
O - Onward, "Forward, March!" Go on Missions
N - Never leave anything undone for the world will soon end