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Royal Women Fellowship International

"The Wise And Compassionate Mothers"


royal_women_pamela Royal Women Ministry is a "Wisdom" parked group. They are called "The Wise and Compassionate Mothers" because they have proved to be faithful in their calling. They value the fact that they are called to preserve the "Seed" procreation and multiplication of the world. They have actively involved themselves to the care of the servants of God and the church. They see themselves as the mothers that Christ was talking about and they act on it.

Mama Josephine or Mama Jossy so fondly called has imparted the women so much more that they operate under the "Wisdom that flows like river." Many of these women see it to themselves that the church hall is properly and constantly decorated before every Sunday, others have deeply involved themselves into Missions. Every year these women want to show the Lord that they love Him by doing a major thing in the ministry. Pastor Mrs. Pamela Obiekwe is their leader under Mama Josephine.

The Royal Women have a yearly "Women International Conference" that has changed many lives. Prof. Josephine James with her assistant has proved that women can do much in the ministry by leading these women into developing their potentials and putting them into daily action. Their life has been a challenge to many women as they have taken the bull by the horn and through the power of the Holy Spirit by turning many dormant lives into active lives through their teaching. Mama James exemplary marriage life has simply changed many without counseling. They simply look and change.

Royal Women has seen many victories over many problems as they meet with God in secret prayers. They spend quality time in seeking the Lord as they separate themselves in Camp Meetings.

You can belong to Royal Women and your godly presence will add more flavor and taste to the whole thing. Many that belong to Royal Women have seen changes in their personal lives, families, work and ministry. A trial will not just convince you but will change you.


Every Tuesday 6:00 PM - Teachings

Pastor Mrs. Pamela Obiekwe
On behalf of the Royal Women