Dominion Faith International Missions


Composed and Written by Prof. Joseph Israel James

When the Lord begins to reward His Servants
Telling them welcome, faithful and obedient servants
Raising crowns, beautifying their heads for missions accomplished
Pastor! Will your name be there?

When the Lord remembers Missionaries in Dark Africa for faithful work
Those that through Tears and Weeping built God's Kingdom
Ministers that hazarded their lives and gave their blood to serve the Lord
Apostle! Will your name be there?

When the Lord will take away trials and temptations of the world,
Making many kings and queens in their royal regalia,
Wiping away the dust of the battle fought with the enemy
And putting everlasting laughter in their mouths
Evangelist! Will your name be there?

When the Lord will reward His faithful pastors,
Missionaries, Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists, and all Christians
Making them to inherit their everlasting Kingdom,
Loving them like a bridegroom loves his bride,
For investing on Missions, Giving and Going
Servant of God! Will your name be there?

Make haste now, servant of the Kingdom
Let your name be written in the golden
book of Ministers' Achievers in Heaven.