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imageApostle and Pastor Mario Villela

Apostle Mario Villela as the founding Overseer and Director of Servants of the Streets Church Inc., says that "Christ is the Answer" to everything in his life. Listen to how Mario met with Christ.

In 1986, a preacher in a small Texas town invited me to a program and right there Jesus met me. Hear this, As the church began to sing "Just As I Am," a powerful invisible force began to pull on me. Suddenly, I found myself at the front of the church in the arms of this man of God. Something unusual happened to me, my heart melted and I know it was Jesus, I surrendered to Him. I was in addiction of alcohol for 20 years and six-years cocaine habit. In the midst of my filth, the Master Jesus put his arms around me and told me how much He loved me.

As I stood there, I began to experience flash-backs. All of the filth of my past began to flash through my mind. Upon each painful thought, Master Jesus would whisper in my heart, "it's alright, Mario; I know; it's alright." That day, the Lord Jesus gave me a supernatural bath. He cleansed my mind and washed my sins away! He broke the chains of addiction and violence, and I experienced the freedom of Christ.

Today Christ has commissioned me to serve Him. I have committed my life in preaching the Gospel of salvation and deliverance to the captives. I invite those that live like I did to meet with Jesus and experience the unending love of the Master, His mercy and total deliverance.


The Servants of the Streets Recovery Ministry is a vision from the Holy Spirit since 1990, birth in the hearts of God's servants Apostle Mario and Pastor Regina Villela on the deep west side of San Antionio, Texas. Mario, a former alcoholic and cocaine addict, knows first hand that God can use misfits and society's throw-aways to mend broken people and raise a standard of safety and refuge in neighborhoods filled with crack houses, shooting galleries, violent crime and rowdy gang members according to 1 Cor. 1:25-31.

Since S.O.S. began, they have reached thousands with the gospel of Jesus Christ, announcing freedom to the slaves of sex, drugs and crime and many have turned from darkness to the glorious light of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. The S.O.S. street witnessing teams go into the hardest areas of towns and cities, inviting those who are seriously interested in leaving their addictions and criminal behavior on the street and coming home to S.O.S. a place of "Divine Refuge" prepared by God to help them.


At S.O.S. they receive food, shelter, clothing, and most importantly the love of Christ during the very difficult phase of withdrawal. Servants of the Streets is a 24-hour "Care Ministry" with a primary focus on liberating those that live on drug, alcohol, tobacco and sex addictions.

image S.O.S. partners with Prof. Joseph Israel James the Bishop of Dominion Faith International Missions, Douala Cameroon, the church department of Life-Word Royal Ministries International Inc., and they work together in bringing training to those called in the body of Christ around the world and this has brought in a strong alliance as Missions And World Evangelism Bible College - Douala, Cameroon and Kingdom Harvesters Christian University - Elkhart, Indiana, USA, work in one pursuit of purpose.


Our passion is to reach those who are hurting as a result of addictive or abusive lifestyle.


We have designed a 180-day, 24-hour Care, Disciplined, lock-step program. The program is free of charge to anyone who is seriously committed to a life of change.


Our approach to recovery is through disciplined and intensive Bible Study with a heavy concentration in "Practical Application" for "Daily Living."


...They that wait (hope in, trust in, depend) upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 40:31


S.O.S. is completely a faith life ministry. We are funded completely by churches, a partnership program and individual contributions.


Have you ever thought that you are tired of addiction in any area of your life? Do you desire a total change of life? Are you completely tired of your life of addiction or have you tried and it seems impossible? Don't worry! There is Hope for you. We are free, "24-Hour." We are Christ-centered, residential recovery ministry, offering deliverance from all addictions: sex, tobacco, alcohol, crack, cocaine and heroin.

Facts and statistics prove that the most successful recovery program is the longest one. S.O.S. offers four phases of Recovery Ministry and you can only see them fully by visiting our training department at They are as follows:


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