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"A life transformed"

image To the glory of God I want to say that if there is anyone that the Lord loves in this world, I am one of them. I grew up like every young man in the world, but the power of darkness and the one of sin so bound my life until I found my life confused.

I want to thank the Lord for making me know this servant of God called Dr. James. He came into my life at the point that I was giving up life. My life was so miserable since I did not know the Lord.

I believe that the death of Jesus Christ is not in vain. I found my life into all kind of sin and there was no way out until the day I saw a church near my house. When the church came near us, I started criticizing them and saying all kind of evil against them. I never knew that is where my salvation would come from. In fact I was bound by much poverty and my life was going toward destruction but the Lord did not allow me to go to hell.

The Gospel was presented to me one day and I received Christ. The first thing is that my life was changed and I was baptized in water and the Lord immediately baptized me with His Holy Spirit. It was not long until the Lord also called me into the ministry and I went to the Bible College "Missions and World Evangelism Bible College" (MAWEBCO) and obtained my diploma.

I want to thank the Lord and His servant Rev. Prof. Joseph Israel James because today I am pastoring a church and every servitude of the devil is broken out of my life. I have seen that there is power in the Gospel and I do experience it today face to face.