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"God has blessed me with a wonderful man"

image I believe strongly that it is good to serve the Lord. People that put their trust in the Lord will never miss their right on earth.

I have been a Christian before I met Bishop James but my life was a misery. I was already matured for marriage but nothing was happening around me. From the time I met with the servant of God he keep on telling me to trust the Lord and that when it will happen that I will have one of the best.

Once in our church, there was a need in the mission field and the Bishop asked us to sow and I had to sow all that I had and I met the servant of God and told him that God said I should sow this money and He will give me a husband and after that the servant of God prayed for me. Another time there was a need I also sowed all that I had and the servant of God Bishop James then told me that the time is come.

The Lord told me that He will even reveal my husband to the servant of God and He did. For about six months the Lord spoke to our Bishop concerning a young man to see our Bishop and said I want to marry this girl and what do you think about it. The Bishop simply said you have even come late because it is a long time the Lord is saying it.

I met the young man and we talked together and every thing is okay now. I will be wedding by the 17th of April 2004. The Lord has proved Himself faithful and I believe that He that did it for me can do it for others and will continue to do other things for His own glory.

You young ladies trust in the Lord and learn also to be committed to the service of the Lord and give for work of the Kingdom. The Lord is interested in you and will never allow you to be disappointed on earth.

I give God thanks for His servant Apostle Prof. Joseph James. Halleluyah!