Dominion Faith International Missions



"Freed from idol worship and witchcraft"

image I was born in an idol worshiping family. My family is a witch doctor serving the spirits from the water called "Mammy Water." I grew up to see my father serving these spirits and I picked up much interest in it. I am the second daughter of the family but my father loved me more than all the children. He therefore decided that I would represent him in this great idol worship.

I was initiated through dreams. I would always be in a dream and go to the sea and have meetings and party with diverse kinds of spirits especially with the queen in the river. She would always give me gold watches, rings, necklaces and other precious things. These things so attracted me that I began to develop great love for them. They would always come in the dream and take me and sometimes I would see big snakes passing and sometimes I would see some spirits physically.

I got so involved in it until my father began to train me in this shrine and magic way of doing things. When my father traveled and people came around, I would just do like him. I would burn pieces of paper and put the ashes on a blank sheet and as I used my hands on these blank sheets, some indian writings would begin to come out and I would begin to interpret these writings to people according to their problems.

I could say things and they would come to pass through demonic powers since my father had trained me in them. I could use magical powers to detect a thief. I would simply use the stone, broom, knife, stick, alligator pepper, and a particular leaf and join them together and I would begin to say things and the thief would be detected.

To give children to women I would simply bring a fowl and cut the nails for blood to come out and I would join it to some herbs and pieces of sticks and boil it for the woman to purge with it and she would conceive and have a child, though possessed children with demons. I could give anything to someone to have his healing.

We have a statue in our shrine that speaks with clear voices. To motivate this shrine I would give it urine, whisky and a particular grass called "Mammy Water" and 5 fancs would be put in it's hands and I would ring a bell and in the night it would begin to speak and tell us what to do in the problems of people.

The devil took my whole being and started using me. I got involved in all kinds of vices and many things that could destroy my life.

But today I can say Praise The Lord! The Lord Jesus Christ has taken away my sins and given me a new life. The devil has gone out of my life. Dr. James is an instrument in the hands of the Lord.

When I came to the church, the devil would always want me to go. One day I reached the church and the devil told me to go back that my place is not here. I got back. It was a struggle for me to know the Lord. I started going to church through my husband who had come to know the Lord recently also.

As I started coming to church, the Lord touched me one day as Dr. James was ministering the Word with great anointing and power. I could see those spirits leaving my life and telling me to get out of this place but I refused. The last one to leave was their queen that was occupying my heart. When the spirit left me, I came out of my unconsciousness because there was a lot of manifestation.

Today I am free from demons, magic, witchcraft and other demons that used to control me. I am now praying that God will save my father and the rest of my family. I am now filled with the Holy Ghost and serving God with all my heart. Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord for His servant Dr. James