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"Delivered from madness, dumbness, deafness and sin"

image I don't know how to thank God and His servant for what is happening in my life today. I would have been lost forever but God has done it for me. Recently I was attacked by the spirit of madness, before then I was dumb and deaf.

I left our house without knowing where I was going and one young man caught me and dragged me to the corner of a river. I did not know what was happening but I still know that I was by the corner of a river. He removed all my cloth and took me into the river and started forcing me to have sex with him. I could not resist because I was not normal and he also was over-powering me.

I thank God for His servant Bishop James. They came for a baptism and I think the Spirit of God spoke to him as he was talking the watchday to go and see what is happening at the other side of the sea, to see what that lady and the young man are doing because the young man can kill that girl there, but the watchday was not interested.

Suddenly I saw a man running toward us and commanded the young man to leave me. He called the women to help me and put on my dress and command the young man to leave the scene. After their baptism he took me to their church, I could not understand what they were saying since I was deaf and dumb.

He asked the women to go and bathe me which they did and then he placed his fingers in my ears and commanded them to open and from there I began to hear and also touched my tongue and commanded it to loose and the Lord did something.

He then sent His pastor and others to take me to our house and my parents were very surprised though they did not want me to go to the church again. My family worship the crown (head) of our ancestors. My mother was angry that church people want to take me while others were happy because of the deliverance.

They took me to the village and locked me up in a room and finally they brought me back. When I came back I had to trace back the church and one day they came and chained me in front of the church and the church people intervened.

Today I am worshiping the Lord with all my heart and the Lord is perfecting my hearing very well and my speech too. I go now to church and I am reading the Bible that has been bought for me by the church.

I am very happy because Jesus has saved me from the hands of a human lion and from satan.

Join me and thank the Lord for His servant and also pray for him that God will continue to use him.


On Thursday night before the Saturday the baptism took place, I saw a lady in the dream been molested sexually be the corner of the river and I thought my mind was being very dirty and I asked God to cleanse my mind. I also prayed that nothing will destroy any girl that way.

But when I was coming to the baptism I saw a young man dragging this girl by the corner of the road and no one cared and since I was not concerned I went my way but finally he had to drag this girl to the side we were baptizing and to cut it short, I had to intervene. Even when the young man was not ready to leave the girl I had to slap the boy and he left her by force and the people with me intervened.

Jesus is Lord.