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"Freed from impotency"

image To the glory of God I want to declare what God did in my family through Rev. Dr. Joseph Israel James. I was married for 5 years and the devil visited my family to live without children. I and my husband were very traditional. We were raised up where they worship human skulls. In some families you will see the skulls of ancestors. On yearly basis, people will come from their various places to worship these skulls by giving food and other kind of things.

The Lord had mercy upon me and saved my life. I was already in a mess of not having children. My husband was impotent, we tried five medical doctors, including our family doctor. We were told that there is nothing we could do than to go and live that way.

Now as a Christian, I refused completely the idea that I had to sleep with another man to have children. Anyway, I started trusting the Lord and prayers were going on.

One day, Dr. James ministered to me since my husband was not regular to the church. He is not yet born again. While he was ministering to me, the Lord spoke to him to speak to my husband wherever he was then, he simply said these words "Father in the name of Jesus Christ, I command life to come into the husband of this woman and change his situation."

He even sent us to the hospital to see how far the change has come after prayers, but the Lord could not allow His glory to be given to any doctor nor medicine. I really believe in doctors and medicine, but God is greater than them all I know how much we spent in medicine for a change to come but to no avail.

That same month, I was surprised to see changes in my life. What is this? I went for a test and found that it was pregnancy. The Lord has done it. I delivered a baby boy, and it was exactly the carbon copy of my husband so that no one will ever say that I have gone outside to meet any man. Today, the Lord has given me another baby girl and I give God thanks for what he has done in my life through His servant. Praise the Lord!