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"Total deliverance in my church: Aldi Ministries, Rep. Demo. of Congo"

image I believe that God has sent His servants on earth and Bishop James is one of them. Since he passed through our church we are never the same again.

Our church was passing through a hard time when the Lord directed us to invite Dr. James to minister in our assembly. The first day he ministered it was as if rain was falling in the church and the second day the same. The third day the demons of witchcraft began to manifest. Many people were delivered. I heard demons crying out and many sick people were set free. One of the things that right surprised me was the financial change that the Lord brought into the church.

The powers of darkness that was holding the church captive left and from the first day of the program, people started giving testimonies of the changes in their financial life.

I thank the Lord for His servant Dr. James. May the Lord's name be praised for ever and ever in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.