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"Delivered from blood vomit, serious chest pain and demonic manipulations"

image I just want to thank the Lord for His goodness over my life. If it had not been the Lord I would have been dead today. The Lord did a great thing in my life through His servant Rev. Prof. Joseph Israel James.

I suddenly saw myself vomiting blood one day and I was taken to many hospitals for treatment since my parents are not born again. Since they thought it was poison, they thought of taking me to a native witch doctor but this I cannot do because I am born again. I know that Jesus has the ultimate power for healing and I do believe that if He cannot do it then I stay and wait for Him.

The Devil came in with the fear of death. This vomiting continued with chest pain and demonic manipulations. I started having all kind of dreams of dead people and also the devil built a stronghold in my mind that I will die.

One day, I informed the pastor and he told me to come to his office on the appointed day. All I can say is that I found myself unconscious lying down after he started praying for me with one of his pastors. I saw myself in another world. I saw a man that would never let me go but the Lord came and delivered me from him.

During this attach of the enemy, I was restless, I could not sleep. I had serious chest pain. To my greatest surprise, immediately I came up and regained my consciousness after Dr. James laid hands on me, all the sickness, I say all the sickness disappeared without reservation. This is great I have not experienced such a thing before. Praise the Lord! I believe that the God who did this for me will do it for others also.