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"We got saved and our broken marriage was restored"

image I thank God that I am still living with my wife today. When I met Dr. James, my life and marriage were in shambles. The devil entered into our marriage, though we were not Christians. I was fighting with my wife every time, I would beat my wife and we would create all kinds of problems in our home.

Dr. James ministered to us, he taught us the true love in marriage. At the first we could not understand. I would beat my wife and still come to the church. The pastor would send me back to go and collect my wife. I would go back and collect her. My wife was also possessed by the marine spirit and this brought a lot of disaster in our home.

One day, the servant of God called on us and conducted deliverance for my wife. Jesus took over our home. After some time I was called into the ministry. Today not only are we saved, having a restored and happy marriage, but we are serving the Lord full time in the ministry in our country, Republic of Benin, in Africa.

I thank God for using his servant in our lives. We believe that God will use him all the more in other people's lives.