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"Divine promotion"

image I want to thank the Lord for what He has done in my life through His servant Rev. Prof. Joseph Israel James. I was working in a company, but it was like hell on earth. My director after employing me tried all he could to mess me up sexually but he found out that Jesus in me makes the difference. He has tried it on all his secretaries and had his way but to the glory of God he could not use the intimidation and witchcraft on me.

I worked for a long time without normal pay. The Lord helped me to turn my office into an evangelism center. Everyone that enters my office knows that I am a child of God. I could not hide my identity.

One day I decided to leave the work in spite of a lot of money I am being owed in that company. I was called somewhere for a training before work and after the days of training they decided to employ me but the price they were giving was very low. I called on my spiritual father Dr. James and told him. Others called there parents and saying all kinds of things but I was not discouraged. When I called my spiritual leader he simply asked me how much will you want them to pay you, I told him and he said let us agree on that. After the phone call and prayers the price for the work was settled and it is exactly what I am being paid today.

I want to thank the Lord for His servant. The Lord is great and I believe in 2 Chronicles 20:20 that says believe the Lord your God and you shall be established, believe also His prophets and you shall prosper. I believe that form there the Lord will increase me from glory to glory.