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"God has remembered us financially and also delivered me from pregnancy complications"

image This is to the glory of God. The God of heaven does not forsake anyone nor does He say no to our request when it is according to His will.

I came to our church with my husband very poor but today the Lord has lifted us up. First as we came to the church the pastor was always praying for us and asking us to trust in the Lord and that he will visit us very soon. The level of poverty was such that we had to live with others and had nothing to eat.

The devil so blocked things that we had no way of escape than to trust in the Lord. We're living by the help of people.

The servant of the Lord prayed and the Lord opened a door for me and really the growth was so rapid until people began to suspect that I had gotten some money in an evil way. Today my husband and I have five shops where different things are being sold. We are now happy Christians because we were not born again before this time.

We are happy that the Lord is using us in the church in diverse areas. Glory be to God.


I was pregnant and one day I went to the hospital and the doctor told me that this pregnancy is in a very bad state. He even said that I will have some problems in giving birth.

I rushed immediately to the office of our father in the Lord and met him with our spiritual mother. He looked at me and said what is it you are not bright at all. I narrated the story and he took me immediately to the altar of God with his wife and you will deliver on Wednesday morning and he added I do not say on Wednesday afternoon or evening but in the morning and that was a day before the day of delivery and exactly as he had said it, by 8am on Wednesday I delivered.

I remembered he said I will deliver like the hebrew women and in less than 30 minutes my baby girl was already out. I thank God for His servant and I want us to know that the servants of God represent Him here on earth.

Believe in the Lord and also in His true servants. Praise! Praise! Praise the Lord!