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"Delivered from madness & oppression of demons"

image Today is a new day in my life. The devil thought he would have taken over my life forever but the Lord Jesus has given me a new life. From my young age, the devil took away a good moral life from me. I found my life been used by the men the way they like it. I thought that was the real way as my friends told me to do.

I left my parents and found myself in france following al kind of men. To God be the glory I fell into the hand of one man and we married as I wrote to my parents. But one thing was happening in my life, I know I do whatsoever I want to do without questioning where it will take me to.

One of my friends took me to the witch doctor and they made incisions all over my body. They called it protection but the devil turned it to destruction since he could not protect me. I could not sleep at nights, I will see all kind of images and horrible dreams were hurting me. The more they happened the more I looked for other witch doctors for protection.

One day I left France for Cameroon. I decided never to see my parents. But I tried to see them one day. As my mother tried to talk to me, I became very angry and madness came in, I started breaking all the properties I cam back from France. I teared all my money and I left the house to a place I never knew. I was misused by a young man and also the devil was telling me to kill myself and die.

My mother then met with Prof. Joseph Israel James, they started praying for me through my picture. One day I came back to myself and went back home. They told me to come with them to night prayers, I refused at the beginning but later accepted. Immediately I entered the church hall, a spirit came to me and said don't remain here. I tried all I could to leave the church but it was as if I was glued to the chair. We stayed until the prayers started. Immediately the prayers started, the presence of God came upon me and I fell under the anointing. I saw some spirits leaving my body. I know I was crying but I don't know why, until all the spirits left me.

The following day, they started teaching me the principles o the Kingdom. Today I have grown in the Lord. I am baptized and I can now say that the devil has lost the battle that was against me. I am now a real child of God. I thank God for Apostle Joseph James that He used to minister to my life. Halleluya!