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"My husband restored"

image This is to the glory of God. I lost my parents when I was small and the Lord provided me with a husband when I grew up. We were living fine but one day the devil into our family through witchcraft.

A lady charmed my husband and turned his heart towards herself. I tried all I could naturally but nothing changed, but instead my husband left the house and went and stayed with the woman completely. As I kept on complaining he went and paid the bride price of the woman and left I and the children.

One day I was directed to the servant of God Rev. Prof. Joseph Israel James for prayers. He made some declaration and commanded my husband to come back to the house and decreed also that their love will disappear for my husband to come back home. After the prayers it was as if the devil intensified the matter.

I went again to the servant of God and he said to me that what is written is written, that the Bible said whatsoever is joined together let no man put asunder. He added that anyone putting asunder will be put asunder. I agreed to this word of the servant of the Lord. Constantly my belief grew stronger and stronger.

Listen, to the good news, one day I saw my husband packed all his things and came back home. Today we love ourselves more than ever and the children are being cared for. I do believe in the God that Dr. James is serving. I believe that the God that did it for me will do it for you.