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"My maid was delivered from witchcraft and children from constant sickness"

image This is the day that the Lord has made which I and you will rejoice and be glad in it. Today is a great day for me and my family, I believe for the whole church.

I stayed for many years before having children after marriage. The Lord blessed me beyond imagination but something very strange started happening in my home. My children will always be sick and sometimes they will be admitted into the hospital for a long time. Prayers will be offered and yet the sickness will continue. From one child to another child.

One day I sent my maid to our pastor Dr. James for an urgent errand, little did I know that it was ordered by the Lord. According to my maid, while the pastor was talking with me I started feeling strange and after that he decided to pray for me. My eyes were opened and I saw a snake leaving my body and I shouted very loud and it left me. This snake came into my life said my maid in the school through other children that are involved in witchcraft. I felt as if a cold water was poured upon me in the school compound and after I went back from school I started feeling a type. Every night this snake will leave my body to be touching the children of my mistress and after that they will become sick.

I never know how to say it but I thank God He has delivered me.

Since after the deliverance of my maid and prayers also was offered to the children every sickness has disappeared. Now we are in peace. The devil no more reigns in my family through sickness. Our dominion over sickness cannot be argued by Satan.

Glory be to God Almighty in Jesus Name!