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2014_joseph_home Dear Mission Covenant Partner,

We shout Hallelujah for the beginning of this great year, as you can see the prophetic words reveals that you will win all battles and overcome every situation by uncommon favor. We are thankful to all our partners for their prayers, support and total commitment to this ministry. May the Almighty God visit and invade your home with unlimited blessings. John 21:6, Luke 5:4-7 and Deut. 28:1-14

We are grateful to the Most High God for all He has done in our lives and ministry through last year, and He has also brought us into another year of EXTRAORDINARY HARVEST. We want to appreciate all of you that God has used to make this journey a great success and today we can shout with great joy that God is so faithful.

By the word of the Lord, He spoke to us that this new year will be our year of EXTRAORDINARY HARVEST, Unlimited Success from Glory to Glory, a year that will change your lives forever. A year that flows with milk and honey. A year that the former impossible are made possible. A year that you will eat and prosper without lack. When God has given us His word, we do nothing but to look into the future with the attitude of assurance and faith, knowing that when God is on the lead nothing can stop the journey.

Understand that as you have entered into a new year, that God will begin to open MULTIPLE GATES, DOORS AND WINDOWS OF BLESSINGS in your family, work and business that will surprise you. Where you failed last year will become a gold mine centre, the atmosphere of God's glory will fill your life and home, you will see the glory of the Lord as never before.

We believe that what God has said, He will bring them to pass. As we enter into other nations this year, we believe that God will use us together to bring glory to Himself.

We decree upon your life and family that this year of EXTRAORDINARY HARVEST will bring to you and yours all your heart desires. We also command every evil plan of the enemy to disappear in the name of Jesus Christ. Luke 10:18-20 will happen in your life without delays.

You are blessed and highly favored. We love you.

Together we can change Africa.


Bishop Joseph James receives Professorial Award in Biblical Exegesis and Rev. Josephine James receives Doctorate on Divinity on 13th April 2014 from Morris Cerullo Christian University (affiliate of Howard University, USA) Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria Campus.

Dominion Wonder Cathedral

Hello people of God,
It is time to rise up and build for the King of Kings. We have decided whatever it will cost us to do it. You can join us to do the work of God. We need your prayers and financial support.



In our many visits to Sio-Sio island also known as Dominion Island, we went with a medical doctor and nurses and free medication were administered to people. Many with diverse sicknesses were diagnosed and the doctor properly ministered to them. We have done many such things like buying food, clothes, shoes and also collect some from free will offering from our churches to help develop that community as we can.

Some people has visited Sio-Sio Island and helped the children and the inhabitants. You can be a blessing to these people. We need your help to fulfill our vision. Without vision the people perish, and without people, the vision perish.

For more information, to contribute spiritual help or financial help, call us:

In Africa call +237-77-95-48-88 or +237-99-90-52-78